Teacher feedback

I have noticed a change in students. The way they speak, their language has changed in particular three girls. It’s awesome. This has benefited me a lot and I have uncovered dreams that I forgot about. We are very grateful to be here. Great opportunity. Thank you Annette and team.

Teacher, Tamaki College ( Camp 2016 )

There have been changes in every student. Some students found the camp motivational and for others it opened their eyes to their potential and the possibility of achieving success – something they do not hear very often.

Teacher, Auckland Girls Grammar School ( Camp 2016 )

They are more self expressed, open, happy and confident. They have new goals and dreams.

Teacher, Massey High School ( Camp 2016 )

My students have more confidence, more appreciation for what they have and how fortunate they are. I also think they have been inspired.

Teacher, Albany Junior High School ( Camp 2016 )

Our students were so encouraged by great speakers. This enabled students to freely explore themselves as leaders.

Teacher, Manurewa High School ( Camp 2016 ) 

Confidence has increased. Real highlight was one student who started her dream board on session, rushed it and no thought was put in – decided to restart on Tuesday night as had more ideas and a focus after all the talks.

Teacher, Aorere College ( Camp 2016 ) 

A couple of students had a real break through with facing fears and building confidence.

Teacher, Onehunga College ( Camp 2016 ) 

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