Kirsten Taylor

Managing Director of SleepDrops International Limited

Kirsten Taylor took a while to come into the world – being 3 weeks overdue but from that moment she has made up for lost time.

At age 4 after being infected with life threatening Bacterial Meningitis Kirsten’s parents were told she may have permanent brain damage and end up deaf, blind and unable to speak. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The same fighting spirit that allowed her to completely overcome this terrible disease is the samespirit that saw her win a legal studies award, be elected the first board of trustee’s student representative at her high school, win a retail award for the whole of Australasia at age 19, travel, come back and open her first company at age 26 and go on to launch SleepDrops an award winning business in NZ which is now on its way to being a major global brand.

Kirsten has never let lack of money or what other people think of her dictate who she is or who she wants to be. Kirsten is committed to supporting others to live their dreams and to make the most of every moment.