Founders message

ONZM Annette Presley

Annette Presley (ONZM)

Co-founder Slingshot, Callplus,
Call Australia, Presley Co. & Elicit

I believe the recipe for success starts with a dream….. a BIG dream. When I was a young girl I always dreamed of one day having my own company and a life of choice. For ten years now I have been inspiring hundreds of young women across New Zealand to go on and achieve big dreams through dream sessions and helping them to create dream boards.

It’s now time to take this to the next level so I created Elicit, The Dream Catching Academy, a new charitable trust. We will evoke and trigger our girls to dream big, dreams they may not have thought of or considered achievable.

For years I have watched the dream sessions help inspire girls to go on to achieve dreams they didn’t believe possible and with this academy we will help inspire and guide thousands of young girls to dream and go on to achieve those dreams as many in New Zealand already have. Elicit is an action packed programme that works with year 10 teenage girls who are inspired and motivated to discover the possibility of their dreams. My goal is that the students will emerge from the programme with a whole new outlook of themselves and their futures. My dream is that many of these girls will go on to be leaders and world changers.

I look forward to working with your students and inspiring them as they embark on their journey to fulfilling their dreams.